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I might be wrong, I don''t have any privileged info on this. I like the 6.8SPC, but the time when it would have made sense has passed. Mk 262 and more importantly Mk 318 and M855A1 have made 5.56 into an acceptable caliber from terminal performance standpoint, which was always where M855 was wildly random. This is going to sound crazy, but I'm not even that excited about occasional random flyers with M855A1. It's ball ammo, it still has a 4MOA or more lot acceptance standard. If you need match ammo for SPR/DMR work, issue Mk 262 or Mk 291. Even 12 MOA means you still hit the guy across the room CoM stone center, you need the ammo to frag and make the guy stop doing shit, at least long enough to shoot him in the face. M855 was prone to going icepick, that was the problem.

Anyways, reading up on the USMC long range plan for small arms, it seems the long range concept is a carbine/SAW replacement in 6.5mm 'ish(maybe this 6.8, IDK), duplicating the performance of the 7.62 to 1200m range, while weighing similar to the M249. The M240 (and in some cases the M2) is to be replaced with a 338 Lapua mag type weapon, giving approx 50cal range performance while allowing much more ammo to be carried, as well as actually being moved around without a vehicle or killing yourself.

I think this is a good plan, I've basically said as much since OIF2. The 50 caliber is too big for just being a bullet launcher. Even with SLAP it doesn't really kill anything you can't kill with 338 Lapua, and the 40x53HV grenade is just absolutely better for use on people. I really wish they'd make a 30mm gun about the size of the M2, as much as possible, and use the same projectile as the Apache. That could replace the Mk19/47 AND the M2 in direct fire. They tried and failed with the 25mm OCSW thing that blew itself up, but they went stupid fancy and too small. They always go too fancy and field nothing, probably because they have nothing at risk. When a project like this fails, if you took 5% of the staff out at random and hanged them, you wouldn't have projects that failed anymore. S/F....Ken M
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