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O1 are only eligible to be 37A in the reserve, on the active side you must be O3 and have gone through your basic and advanced courses before entering the pipeline. The PSYOP branch when it comes on line FY07 will be the same criteria.
The first PSYOP mission is always to the supported unit, and it must be hit hard and constantly reinforced through professionalism, hard work, and tangible results. Everybody thinks they can run a PSYOP program, how hard can it be, run around with a bullhorn and tell people what to do. "I took a radio/tv course in college, Ill be the PSYOP officer." You have to let them know in the planning phase that you are the only guys who can and should do anything PSYOP.
Having our own two star will help in the echelons above reality because only the very rare O5 JPOTF CDR will have the expertise and the cojones to go toe to toe with those Combatant Command J3s or their staff to be the sole voice of PSYOP to the big boss.
The primary purpose of a staff is to replicate the enemy during peacetime.
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