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Originally Posted by kenshinw3 View Post
As Maverick staed, there are several groups that provide assistance. I was briefed last week by the SOCOM Care Coalition and the tremendous work that they do. Ironically, I had dinner two nights later with a Soldier that is paralyzed from the neck down. He mentioned several times the care provided by the care coalition and other groups.

The care coalition's goal is to take care of the Soldiers for life and to assist with the family members. I was impressed as I spoke to the wife of the paralyzed Soldier-the assistance provided to her was invaluable.

So, I am confused as well as what the family/Soldier is in need of. He will be taken care of. I am concerned though of the scum out there that try and solicit monies for Soldiers that never make it to the Soldier or his family.

The Bragg care coalition rep is an acquaintance of mine. I will see if he is aware of this Soldiers situation.
I appreciate it Ken. Would you like his contact info and that of his brother that set up the donation site?
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