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Originally Posted by DetCord View Post
I appreciate it Ken. Would you like his contact info and that of his brother that set up the donation site?
I contacted the care coalition rep at Bragg this morning and haven't gotten a response yet. As stated in a response above, the gesture of support is huge to a family and the Soldier himself. PM me the contact info for the Soldier and I can ensure it gets to the care coalition rep.

Brief from care Coalition last week and follow on meeting/dinner I had with a WW, I was led to believe that Soldiers and their family are extended numerous resources to aid in situations as you described. An advocate is assigned that assists with the monumental amount of admin work and the organization taps into several charitable organizations/individuals to assist families and Soldiers. That was validated to me with the WW I met later as he and his wife spoke highly of the care and assistance they had received. One thing the care coalition NCOIC briefed was that they could only follow up with Soldiers/families that they had visibility on. I am led to wonder if they are tracking this Soldier. If not, when you PM me his contact info, I will forward it to them.

FWIW, I was not implying that the blog for support was shady as I didn't gather from the OP that you were connected to this Soldier. I've seen and read about fraudulent attempts using Soldiers name/status to make money and wanted to be cautious.

Hopefully we can get this Soldier in touch with the right people. As the care Coalition briefed me last week, the components have their specific organizations to assist the wounded. Care Coalition attempts to empower them and provide assistance to SOF Soldiers for life when the reach of the components organizations are exhausted by either time, regulations, or reach.

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