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Originally Posted by pyrrhic0369 View Post
Hot Mess, are you using Post 9/11 or Vocational Rehab? I am in the same boat on the MBA. I still have eight months of Post 9/11 so I'm looking for something cost effective and reputable.
Check out Stanford GSB IGNITE Program:

Best deal EVER in terms of Veteran education. ONLY $2000

Check out this previous thread:

SOCNET member "Balls" completed IGNITE in 2016(Great fella, met him for some beers on campus).


Also, check out MITx, found at

LOTS of FREE stuff, and cheap stuff....but all quite reputable from a top tier school.

For those considering spending BIG, whether it's with G I Bill or cash/debt, be careful.

The world of higher education is changing very quickly and dramatically.

The world seems to be shifting towards the concept of "Just in Time" education.

A great example of it is MITx MicroMaster:

They include certificates as well as the ability to advance and convert them into conventional Masters degrees with a single semester on campus(es).

For more IT based interest/fields of study there are also "nano degrees" from Udacity.

Large corporates sponsor inexpensive courses in AI, autonomous vehicles, data science, programming, digital marketing, etc. and pluck the top students.

We're talking Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz.


MBA's are becoming commoditised.

The REAL value of an MBA, especially from a school like Stanford, is not just the education(which I'd rate as better, but not immensely better than elsewhere), it's in the NETWORK you develop.

If you want skillset/knowledge, online MBA can be suitable.

But if you want to build a network, you can't do that easily with an online MBA program.
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