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Originally Posted by Gray Rhyno View Post
Liberty University has/had a bachelor's degree in aviation that includes a private pilots license.
Thanks for that info.

Originally Posted by firstshirt View Post
Wilderness EMT through SOLO at their Conway, NH facility. That's how I got started on the path to Paramedic. I think I was their first after getting their VA approval.
Got the Navy Reserves to pay for my Paramedic a long time ago, but thanks for the tip.

Originally Posted by Forestboy View Post
Sonoran Desert Institute. Build up an 80% lower (AR-10, AR-15, 1911) and it is approved to be done with your GI Bill. I used my GI Bill to do the AAS in Firearms Technology. If you can't do the whole thing you can do the 80% builds, you won't get full housing reimbursement, but you will have the 80% build and a bit of knowledge when you are done. You might have time to do two of them...
Thanks, thats definitely something to consider.

Originally Posted by Hoepoe View Post
What's your masters in and what career are you doing/looking at?
Well I was hoping to have a career as a Doggy Daddy, as my wife called it.We got surprised at my shitbag sister in law not caring about her boys, so now hoping to be a stay at home Dad to my 2 feral nephews that we adopted. Maybe just do some jobs on the side as my wife is slowly working her way to being a sugar momma!
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