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Mixed feelings on S ome A sshole I n C alifornia

I work pretty close with SAIC at APG. And, many moons ago in San Diego.

Both experiences were pleasent. A high degree of expertise is demanded, and they used to have a snooty air about themselves, but I see a change in the company now.

It is a huge company with many layers and divisions within divisions. There are projects going on in a division, that high level managers in that division do not know about. Not out of some poor abilities, but just from the tangled internal complexity.

Bills were paid on time and I never heard of a serious quality related complaint about them.

From my observations; The middle-leadership is very bottomline, while the top is keep the workerbee happy, and profitable. The pay is good to great, but you will work VERY hard to keep it. Extra effort is understood and expected. Making new business is a must after a time with the company, and learning more about the customer.

Workerbees were happy with the conditions, and rarely heard to complain about the company.

If not for my present job, I would work for them.
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