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In my case, it wasn't my core (I crossfit - though not religiously) and it wasn't my shoes ($430 combined with my orthotics) - oh, wait, it was my shoes.

During a run over Thanksgiving weekend my back hurt so bad that I was buckled over in pain. It hurt while standing and was enough to end my run at barely a mile. I have since ran twice in the Five Fingers. During my first run I had a *slight* tinge in my back, but it was not at all debilitating. My second run I had ZERO, NADA, NOTHING in my back. No pain at all. I have been struggling with this (and shinsplints) since February when I started CF.

The shoe companies have been fucking us up for 25+ years, so ditch the soft, cushiony, motion-control, stability bullshit running shoes. Use the money you would've have spent on a chiropractor and buy Five Fingers. If you're a size 43 and I'm wrong, I'll buy the Five Fingers from you - discounted 50%.
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