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If you go on any of the statins, try and watch out for "statin fog." It's a real thing, and I ended up going off my pravastatin with doc's permission, due to the effects it was having on my mind. I couldn't focus on writing at all for months, and didn't connect it to the med until I did a random search for side effects of different meds.

I'll also tell you that many docs will not be thrilled with the keto diet. it's an extremely low-carb diet, like only 35 or fewer grams of carbs per day, where conventional wisdom is up to 45 grams per meal. No joke, when I was put on a diabetic diet at the VA three years ago, my first meal on their diabetic diet was a hamburger and fries. WTF? Carbs in the bun, and carbs in the fries, and no salad dressing on the salad. SMH.
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