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Originally Posted by bobmueller View Post
Check out and Sounds like you're already on the right track. The keto diet is an extension of the paleo idea. Hi fat, low carb and lots of protein. I jumped on it at the beginning of the year and dropped my HbA1c by 2 full points in three months.

Speaking of which, what IS your HbA1c? They should have run one. If they haven't, you can get a home test from Walmart. Did they give you a meter and testing supplies? WM also has those without a scrip for a reasonable price, in their Relion brand.
I knew this would be a good thread...all stories and info welcome everyone. I know with the way many of us grew up on the American HFCS diet there would be lots to share. I go back for complete blood workup after +30 days of his prescriptions, on July 21, so I'm anxious to see if the diet and blood-sugar control drops the triglycerides or if he adds a cholesterol prescription too. He suspects it's hereditary, and I'll still need some cholest script.

I still haven't fully stabilized, as even stuff like corn or carrots bump it back up to 180-200ish and it takes a couple days of "perfect" low-carb eating (with the metformin, of course) to get it back near 120. Then again, that may not be accurate because they "sneak" so much into food. I'll look into the home A1C test. I got a glucose tester and strips the first day, and usually just test morning fasting level, and sometimes before bed.

Hell, Maybe I'm eating too few carbs (<20g/day on a "perfect" day). But I was going to wait until it stabilized to slowly add some healthy carbs back goddam waffle fries (or not). LOL! If I have to become an alkaline-vegan too, because of the triglycerides...(or some damn wierd metformin acidosis-side-effects)...just go ahead and cut my cajones off right now. I want to get some PH litmus-strips for saliva, but haven't seen them at CVS or Walgreens.

In addition to lean-meat and vegetables, they even say most types of nuts are okay (except my favorite cashews, of course) so I'm trying to find the cheapest Macadamia nuts in bulk. (healthy-fat, right? Like avocados?). F#@k it, if I have to restrict carbs...I'm gonna find other ways to make up for it and spoil myself...even in very small daily amounts. Also taking a good multi, and cal-mag-zink. STILL can't eat enough vegetables as I should...but working on it.

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