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Originally Posted by bobmueller View Post
One thing that might help when you're choosing foods is to look at net carbs, not total carbs.

Net carbs = total carbs - dietary fiber.
I was just kind of learning this. For example, if I understand this correctly most beans are okay for me because even though technically high in "carbs" most of it is fiber. I love beans and rice, and I saw on your excellent keto pages where they make a simulated "rice" made from cauliflower that could substitute quite nicely if mixed with some beans and small amount of lowfat cheese. These kind of "substitutions" will help greatly.

Did I mention, f#@k that kale, but I like the chard, and it's cheap. I have slashed my food bill buying more if I could just eat more of them. And, it is funny I can taste food again instead of burning tastebuds out with junk-sugars. The cravings went away pretty quickly (2-3days), and now most of that stuff sounds about as appetizing as taking molasses-shooters with a cold-frappa-cheeto chaser. The Atkins shakes seem okay (and taste decent), but their snack-bars are still to high in sugars for now. I've got to find some protein bars with high fiber and low sugar that don't taste like a dime and two pennies (metallic). I did (finally) find a good-tasting protein powder (finally) with the Isopure Zero cookies-n-cream and a spoonfull of cinnamon mixed in, with flax and chia. Good stuff. I also throw in a 1/2 spoon of olive oil too. Daily fish-oil or krill capsule.
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