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Speak of the devil this just popped into my news feed on FB

These sorts of pipelines are scattered all over the place in industry and if they don't result in placement, they result in good market awareness and Face to face networking.

If I were hiring in this space, I would design something similar, a 40 hour course of instruction that was either A) based on an existing skill pre req or B) was the vetting process and skill confirmation for a role I had

and advertise it to my target persona (in this case veterans with existing networking skills) and put a networking offer on the end of it. Tell a few other companies you are going to have a mixer with vetted potential new hires and you have a program.

Yeah you would lose a week of one SME's man hours, but if you got 5-10 solid participants you would get a real strong look at them and assessment of their abilities.

You could run it as a night school for 2-3 hours a night, and not interfere with normal job hours to make it accessible.
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