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Originally Posted by Massgrunt View Post
I think they're going to argue that due to his position he had a "special relationship" with the kids which would be outside the scope of that Supreme Court case which applied to society at large.
Yep, they charged him as a "caregiver."

I was all over the idea of charging him yesterday. Thrilled with it.

Now, I'm less thrilled. When does an officer become a caregiver? When is that relationship established? Are all SROs now considered caregivers?

Are all officers standing a fixed post assignment now caregivers?

I think this could set a dangerous precedent. I'm all in favor of the perjury charge. I could probably go along with the culpable negligence charge if it pertained to his actions in the months and weeks prior to the shooting when he first had contact with the goblin. I'm less than thrilled with the idea that he was a caregiver to the minors who were killed. I think it's going to fail on the "duty to protect" aspect.

I agree that this is an attempt to go after his pension, although I thought he had already retired. Reports said yesterday he was fired right before or after he was arrested.

Also kind of curious about why they didn't go to a grand jury with this.

Here's the warrant.
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