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Originally Posted by 275RLTW View Post
Reports indicate he was discharged from Army (<3 yrs) from Campbell maybe

1) how did this retard ever complete infantry school?
2) how do you get a less than 3 year enlistment?
The Army has continually, on and off, had two year enlistments the last several decades. Just a couple of years ago offering two year enlistments, and was big during the 2004 - 2008 time frame. Back in the 1980s was pretty big also. Argument I always give the tactical wannabee Muslim hunter black rifle crowd -“if you are serious then why you not sign up 11B and do a two year enlistment? Could not spare two years if your life?”

Friend of mine did two year enlistment back in early 90s. Truck driver, did whole enlistment at Ft Polk. Did his two years and then got out and went to college on his GI Bill. Then as now, reduced GI bill rate for two years, I think it is only 75%.
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