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Originally Posted by Massgrunt View Post
Great thread. I'm at my all time fattest and out of shape right now, working on getting back. Doing the Starting Strength novice () program, a little extra accessory stuff, jumping rope and hitting the "ball on band" during my rest periods at the end. Cardio is terrible right now.

I use Jefit to track my workouts and Lose It to track my weight. Several years back I used Lose It to obsessively track calories and holy shit does that work.
Rippetoe is 'Old School' and doesn't mince words - love him!

Yeah, you need to track if you want to optimize the rate of fat loss. And you definitely need to figure out maintenance calories at least, or your totally F'd. I Use 'Fat Secret' on Android - just picked it and got to know it and it works, so I never bothered looking at anything else.

I use the old fashioned Pen and Paper in a binder, to track training - some things work better for me 'Analog'
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