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I laugh at myself that I naively envisioned SOCNETers as the epitome of in-shape, heavy-shit-carrying, uber-ruckers, and obstacle-course-conquerors... Alas, you are all human: how refreshing...

It sucks -- gettin' fat. Worse than getting old, because it's a CHOICE (a bad one...) I can't WAIT for my new hip: April surgery [hip dysplasia/macerated labrum/bone-on-bone deterioration/+15 lbs]. Wallowed for a while, but getting my SHIT together (single-leg trainig, UB, and swimming); will enjoy having my body behind me, helping.

Poly, thanks for the thread and the work. I appreciate the info, the motivation, and the gentle shaming you guys selectively dole out.

An I'm-gonna-wear pair of jeans -- pulled on not-too-often -- serves as both motivator and truth-teller.

You ALWAYS have a choice: make good ones (most of the time). Bad decision? Make a better one in the next moment. And so it goes. [Drive on.]
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