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2. If your recruiter can some how pull magic strings and get you a DLI slot, you will go there. Post Army work, dont know, how well will you speak the language they teach you when you get out? Your DLAB scores and the needs of the unit tell you which language you will take.
3. Most recruiters and most "active duty officers" know nothing about PSYOP. If your recruiter isnt Army, he knows nothing about it, and only the bare minimum even then.
4. At 28 you are not too old. Whether your education will be a waste or not is up to you. It appears that you are looking to try and use your knowledge, we can use french speakers, we can use asian studies experts, and even religious studies has its applications.
5. PSYOP soldiers need to be culturally aware and informed about their areas of responsibility. I wont go into research or sources on the internet. There are good examples of PSYOP products on and on the USCENTCOM home page. If it can be heard or read or seen, we can use it.
Airborne operations was an example of training and the day to day life you asked about.
The primary purpose of a staff is to replicate the enemy during peacetime.
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