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It all depends on where you want to attend law school. Most top tier schools won't look at anything below the 160s with a GPA over 3.5. If you're not interested in attending Yale or Standford and are intending on going to a regional ABA accredited school than you probably need something in the 140s or better with a GPA above 3.0. Join LSAC.ORG. That is the single best resource for getting info on the LSAT and law school. This type of analysis should drive your prep for the LSAT. There are multiple decent LSAT prep vendors out there and Google will find them for you. Also jump on a few of the law school forums and that should help out as well. Finally if you're pursuing other options than I suggest you forget about law school because you will not make it. Law school is not undergraduate, you cannot be partially committed or you will spend a lot of money and fail.
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