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Back in 93 I signed up for Kaplan LSAT prep, which sounds like what FFAC also took. I paid a flat fee of $700 at the time, and I could go every day if I wanted to and take previous tests. Depending on your answers, they had tapes that would review how you logically think and correct it. I drilled the hell out of myself, as my friend who talked me into law after he left the police department, didn't do so well on his first try and had to retake, and then they average out the two scores and he ended up have to drive two states away to get into a law school that would accept him. I knew when it came to the LSAT swing for the fences, as my undergraduate GPA was not stellar. I went every time I could and everyone else was an Indian (dot) studying for the MCAT. I got my results but they change up the grading scale from time to time and I didn't know what the numeric score really meant. No attorneys to ask in the immediate family and I was not yet on SOCnet so I just applied to the one law school. BTW most law schools charge you to apply, so if you are gonna use the shotgun approach, bring the green. My uncle however, is a doctor, and both his sons are doctors, so he hangs with the smart set, lots of cocktail parties with doctors and lawyers. He was over one day and asked me how I did on the LSAT. I told him my score. My ever supportive father (joke in our family was I enlisted for an easier life) started talking about how I was too dumb get into any law school when my uncle put up his hand and told my dad to shut up. This was very uncharacteristic of my uncle, but he knew my dad back in the day so . . . he asked what percentile was I. That is where you scored on the test compared to everyone else who took the LSAT on that day in the US and its territories. I said 93rd percentile. Uncle said quit you job and go to Michigan,, and he wasn't just suggesting it. I lacked confidence and did not, but when the answer to my sole application came back starting with Congratulations . . . well, I have been riding the tiger ever since. Good luck and we will see you around campus.
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