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Continued (and appreciated) great advice. Cord-I'm taking the Dec 6 test too. Prep class is also out of my price range, so I'll give that book a try.

The general consensus seems to be "go into oral surgery", but sadly this reformed grunt doesn't do the ol' math and science thing so well.

I know practicing the law isn't the golden ticket it used to be, and can likely be a miserable job. But my thought process is this:

A. Most jobs are miserable, thankless jobs with no glamour. But they don't have the earning potential that comes with a JD. Emphasis on the potential, as I know it's far from a guarantee.

B. After sitting for a FLEO hiring board recently. I took a look at others I knew who had passed and failed. In the failure category were myself, a former USMC Infantry Company commander with Arabic and his Master's (and current employee of said FLEO), and two other friends of similar backgrounds.Of the five to sit the board I knew, the only one to be selected was a fairly useless kid who temp'd at my company. Little in the way of life experience, but he had a JD. Correlation obviously doesn't equal causation, but for the aforementioned government work I don't see a JD as being anything but helpful.

C. Barring FLEO work, a JD already falls into my wheelhouse in the corporate investigations space. I like my job now, but it's fairly limited in terms of advancement and compensation. Hence the desire for the JD.

Just my thought process,which is certainly open to being shot to pieces. But short of my entry into the glamorous world of oral surgery (), I see it as a logical next step.
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