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Someone once told me to choose carefully, because once you get your J.D., chances are you are going to be practicing law, even if initially you think of it as just a resume enhancer for other careers. And once you start, it's difficult, if not impossible, to stop.

Like any other business, if you are an entrepreneur, and if you have skills, you can make multiple six figures or more. It's difficult to do that in any other business/profession without a huge amount of start-up capital. In law you are selling your time. How valuable, and fruitful, that time is is entirely up to you.

Don't be under any illusions about going to work for some big law firm though. Even if you get into a great law school, and are at the top of your class so as to get one of these jobs, you will be expected to bill for 2,000 hours a year, or so. That will have you working nights and weekends, and being an all-around bi*ch for somebody (or multiple people). And the trend seems to be to deny equity partnership to new partners. So in the end you won't be making as much as you would have thought. I was shocked to find out that some of my colleagues in big firms were only making in the low six figures, even as partners. And they are still held accountable to a large amount of billable hours.
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