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Originally Posted by Atrax View Post
Continued (and appreciated) great advice. Cord-I'm taking the Dec 6 test too. Prep class is also out of my price range, so I'll give that book a try.

The general consensus seems to be "go into oral surgery", but sadly this reformed grunt doesn't do the ol' math and science thing so well.

I know practicing the law isn't the golden ticket it used to be, and can likely be a miserable job. But my thought process is this:

A. Most jobs are miserable, thankless jobs with no glamour. But they don't have the earning potential that comes with a JD. Emphasis on the potential, as I know it's far from a guarantee.

B. After sitting for a FLEO hiring board recently. I took a look at others I knew who had passed and failed. In the failure category were myself, a former USMC Infantry Company commander with Arabic and his Master's (and current employee of said FLEO), and two other friends of similar backgrounds.Of the five to sit the board I knew, the only one to be selected was a fairly useless kid who temp'd at my company. Little in the way of life experience, but he had a JD. Correlation obviously doesn't equal causation, but for the aforementioned government work I don't see a JD as being anything but helpful.

C. Barring FLEO work, a JD already falls into my wheelhouse in the corporate investigations space. I like my job now, but it's fairly limited in terms of advancement and compensation. Hence the desire for the JD.

Just my thought process,which is certainly open to being shot to pieces. But short of my entry into the glamorous world of oral surgery (), I see it as a logical next step.
I know I am reviving a dead thread but....

First i hope you did well on your LSAT.

When I took it my head physically hurt - if bob wears a red hat and is a tribble and jamie wears a blue hat and is a wibble and all wibbles wear green shoes and 50 out of 60 tribbles who wear green shoes also wear .... arrrrghhhhh

anyways i went to law school at Campbell University in NC (Norman Adrian Wiggens School of Law)

I got my JD and in my case it was a HUGE waist of time and money. I make more based on my military experience than I would ever earn from practicing law.

If you take an SF soldier and add up all of his Butt in Chair times and Time in Schools throughout his career - his training time far exceeds that of lawyers, doctors and probably US presidents :-)

Everyone thinks that a law degree is going to put you into the big bucks right away - NOT

MOST lawyers dont crack 100k and those that do are clustered around specific types of geographic areas (DC N.VA, NYC, LA etc).

You can go the personal injury route and hope you stumble into a golden goose client OR you can buy lottery tickets - same chances

I have NEVER used my degree and im on the backside of 50 and probably never will.

If your a special operations guy and you have contacts or hooks within the community I would focus on that first and foremost.

Besides if you get a FLEO job that will prevent you from ever getting into the Hells Angels or other respectable organization
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