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I read a post on another forum from a guy that proclaims that he is involved in this process. His comments are summarized to say that the 6.8 projectile is the intended payload, but the 6.8 SPC II as we own and shoot it may very well not be the delivery system. The 6.8 projectile is nothing more than a .270. So here are my concerns.

As usual, we are planning to to fight the last war, again. Yes, we will likely all die seeing Americans still killing Arabs or Persians, requiring a longer one shot kill capability.

Next, we should be starting with the requirement from the Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) and build down from there to a weapon or ammunition that is needed to fulfill that requirement. Otherwise, its just another useless GlockTalk "Which is better" caliber discussion where people post to justify and seek relevance about their purchases and really no other knowledge, experience or requirement. There has to be an objective or standard to which to develop.
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