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Some more information about 6.8 future weapon. After reading about this stuff, as well as the 338 caliber medium machine gun replacement program, I think the US .mil procurement is completely devoid of anyone who actually shoots stuff for enjoyment or seeking to better themselves. There's nothing magical about the 6.8mm bullet diameter, in fact bullet selection kinda sucks. The 6.8 SPC was developed to fit within the M16 weapons platform, if you're ditching that, the rational for retaining 6.8mm bullets goes away. I'm getting a definite cargo cult/magical thinking vibe from the .mil; as well as a lack of interest in actually fielding anything, possibly to draw out the lucrative R&D process for as long as humanly possible while avoiding making any of those hazardous "decision things," for which you might possibly be held accountable. S/F....Ken M
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