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Originally Posted by B 2/75 View Post
I was originally given a (total) rating of 80% by the VA

Three years later while I was in AFG as a contractor they administratively downgraded me to 30% (as my records were "complete enough to review" they denied my request to delay the hearing to allow me to personally present evidence

Fast forward to last week and my claims for bilateral tinnitus, high freq hearing loss, goobered up shoulders, and sleep apnea came back as:

Tinnitis: 10%

High Freq Loss: 0%

Shoulders: Deferred

Sleep Apnea: Deferred despite there being 25+ pages of testing showing a very positive result. Guess they want their own testing?

New combined total rating: 40% - until the next budget-induced reviews come around, I guess
I got 50% for sleep apnea- but I have a documented 'severe' case...
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