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Originally Posted by logan3110 View Post
I think most condidtions that can be treated/ healed/ cured can be reviewed and downgraded, maybe annually. This is to ensure that the govt. is not paying compensation for a non-existent condition. You might have gotten a letter for a C&P exam and tossed it, because it looks very bland and generic. It's happened before. I believe if you get treatment through the VA you can avoid this, as they should be able to request your VA specific files for any review without any help from you.
Look at your rating decision. It will tell you if you have any future exams. Many conditions which can improve are given future exams. They used to be at 2-3 year periods, but with the new rules that came out last year, they are generally scheduled for 5 years out. This was done mainly to reduce our workload so we could focus on new claims.
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