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So glad to hear you guys are getting treatment for this. I have a very mild case of tinnitus. In a quiet room, I hear a high-pitched ringing. Otherwise, ambient sounds usually mask it. (No hearing loss in my case.)

That's nothing compared to what Hammer06 reports above. Man, that sounds awful. Best of luck with treatment.

I got my tinnitus from transcribing recorded events about 10 years ago; the tape players had a deafening alarm that would go off unexpectedly into your headphones if you hit the foot pedal wrong. (Just slightly less impressive than getting it from hunting down terrorists. At least you guys have a cool story to go with yours! And you got yours serving the country.)

The only "treatment" I've found is turning on a fan or actually listening to the high tone as I fall asleep. I can't get rid of it, so I can only adjust my perception of it. Easy to say in my case.

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