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Real Stretching: Chances are you're not doing it

I'm more than sure that most of us stretch. But it is likely the most do not stretch enough, nor correctly.

I've always enjoyed the feeling of a good stretch, and have been fortunate to have really good flexibility. It's never proved its worth more than in the past year. Last year I got a broken back via letting a buddy drive my car. As in turned my car into a low atmosphere orbit vehicle, for the purpose of crash testing the durability of domestic old growth trees. Specifically, hitting one tree (hello airbag), only to re-angle while in flight, into another tree (hello windshield). Broke my back in two places.

Once I was able to move, I used the program listed below as a recovery tool. And damn, did it ever work. It may all be in my head, but I know that after I got out of the Army, I had some slight scoliosis. I don't have it anymore. And the breaks were in the area of the scoliosis. And my back feels stronger than ever.

So... this benefitted me. I figured it could probably benefit some of you broke back ole farts. It is a link to my Dropbox folder. If you like these programs, the people that made the routines also have some amazing bodyweight programs too. I'm working on doing muscle up's, L-sits, planche pushups and human flags. Solid, old fashioned step by step strength and conditioning works even on this 46 year old gorilla.

Focused Flexibility

Focused Flexibility chart

Problem Area Stretching
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