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A very dated discussion, but some valid red flags are raised with this "professor". My comments are in red boldface. The Peter puffage is strong with this one....

Originally Posted by Sharky View Post
Here's an example of one of their professors puffing up his resume....LOL

Larry M Forness

Dr. Forness was the Founder of the National Center for Sports Medicine and it’s Director for more than ten years. It is very possible to set oneself up as a founder of an organization of one, and it's always possible to call it whatever one wishes. Is it really national-level in its extent, or only because the letterhead says so?

While at the National Center for Sports Medicine, he developed the L.I.F.E. Test, a set of clinical tests, measurements and examinations that determine a person's true (biophysiological) age. Not a lot of evidence-based, peer-reviewed validation to say the least

He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and holds its highest-level certification--Director of Health and Fitness; one of fewer than 250 healthcare specialists in the world to hold that distinction. This certification was retired by the ACSM quite some time ago and is no longer issued. "Health and Fitness Director" was the correct title, by the way. This was geared towards the kinesiology and exercise science people. Read that: phys ed with textbooks. Having this one doesn't make anybody anywhere close to being a sports physician. See for yourselves:

Dr. Forness is a member of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST) (...and a very poorly constructed website they have: PSRAST), American Medical Informatics Association; the American Society for Human Genetics; the American Society for Law, Medicine and Ethics; the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology, the National Council for Reliable Health Information (all of these are open to non-clinicians and non-scientists -- pay your money and get a subscription to their journal); and Mensa (seriously? -- their membership includes many a socially dysfunctional type, as well as the incarcerated), as well as being a certified Healthcare Accountant and Financial Manager (this says administrative support role, not a patient-care or clinical research role, and a very peripheral one at that). Dr. Forness took his first course via distance education at age 20. In the intervening years, he has earned six degrees via distance education, has been an adjunct faculty member at various universities for nearly a decade, and was a Dean of Distance Education at a major healthcare university (which one? -- a bit vague!) in the southeastern United States. He possesses nine earned degrees, which include three Doctorates. In what? This seems intentionally vague as well, but I have this feeling that none of them include MD, DO, OD, DVM, PharmD or PsyD.

He did his undergraduate training (in what?) at Notre Dame (but did he graduate there?) .... He also earned two Law degrees (JD and LL.M.) (which says he wasn't up to much as a life scientist or clinical researcher). His latest book, Don't Get Duped! A Consumer's Guide to Health and Fitness (about fraud and deception in the health and fitness industry... and now he can say he wrote the book on it!), was published by Prometheus Books in January 2002 He is a former United States Marine, a sport parachutist, a licensed pilot (with Instrument Rating) (Private Pilot with single-engine and instrument rating, nothing further according to the FAA Airman Registry, and was last issued a medical certificate in 1989. This means he hasn't been legal to use his certificate since 1991.)....
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