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Exclamation 03 Funding for this site...

As many of you are aware, the ownership of this site changed hands several months ago and is now a seperate entity from It was purchased by an anonymous former military man (and no, it's not me or any other admin) who wanted to insure that this site remains owned and operated by former SOF personnel. Trust me when I say that it did not come cheap. Notice that there are no banner ads or advertising of any kind on here. There is also no fee to use this site. None of the admins or mods are compensated in any way. As a result, the cost of maintaining this site, while not huge, is still considerable, and is paid directly out of the new owner's pocket, while this site makes zero money. The owner has not asked for assistance, nor will he. He firmly belives this site is worth it, even if that requires him paying for it out of his own pocket. So far, that is exactly what it has required. That, folks, is a damn shame and unacceptable to me.

I would like to encourage all of you to donate as you see fit by utilizing the PayPal account. This is a PayPal account set up strictly for donations toward the cost of maintaining and operating this site. We do not ask for money lightly here. I do believe however, that the expense of this site should be spread out among those of us who use and enjoy this site daily, rather than expect the one man who stepped up to the plate already by purchasing the site to continue funding it out of his own pocket and then losing money on it every month. It doesn't have to be a big donation. Anything will help and the money will be used only for the maintaining and operation of the site.

I am confident that the membership of this site will step up and make this right.
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