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One-legged squats are great, but some people think they wreck your knees--especially if you dip too low.

I'm a desk jockey just trying to keep the weight off as I get old (and stay in shape for snowboarding). I get bored lifting weights and hate running.

So for my legs, I do these weird "jumping lunge" things; start in a lunge position (with no weights) and then spring into the same position but with your legs reversed. I started with 50, which totally kicked my ass for a few weeks, and am so far up to, uh, 60.

I also do 100 squats with no weight, with a hip thrust. (Bracing for the incoming ridicule.)

Then the other day I did a 5K on a very hilly course--and it totally ate me for lunch. So evidently these exercises I've been doing are not (as I'd hoped) a substitute for running up and down hills. But these are exercises I can do in the basement, in front of the TV. No having to suit up. I'm less likely to make excuses to avoid doing them.

When I *did* lift weights, the one exercise I thought was most effective (for me anyway) was walking dumbbell lunges.

But needless to say, whatever the BTDT guys do is the way to go.

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