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Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
I was close to my all-time fattest for the last 2 years. Been fluctuating between 205 and 220, when I know my ideal weight is somewhere around 185-190.

Corporate life, followed by starting a business has been brutal on trying to be healthy. I used to mock people for getting out of shape once they stopped working abroad. Not anymore.

First thing was to cut out booze and pretty much anything that's clearly not good for me. Immediate results being my Christmas weigh-in of 215 and change, down to 204 this week.

Next step is actually making time to hit the gym again. That should help get me back to at least 195.

Then it'll be the fucking grind to get down to 188.

Thanks for the motivation, Poly!
HAHAHAHAHA, thatís fat as fuuuuuuuuuck

I was at a decent weight before Christmas, however a vacation and GF has me on the bad side, but typical for this time of year. Iím aiming to be 185 by mid-April. At a minimum sub 190.
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