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Was in the local 5.11 store last month checking out the after Christmas sales and picked up a pair of these..

5.11 XPRT 3.0

I wasnt in the market for a new pair of boots and wasnt really sure what I thought about 5.11... I've been wearing danners almost exclusively for the better part of 15 years.. but MSRP is $209.00 and the store had a clearance sale going and had them marked down to $69 so I figured what the hell.. I'd give them a shot...

They are no shit the most comfortable general purpose hiking/hunting boot I have ever worn..

Theyre a little bit on the heavy side.. but so are the danners I normally wear.. but they are tough as nails.. soft to walk on.. have just enough insulation to keep you warm, but not make you sweat like a pig in normal fall/winter weather, with normal activity.. also surprisingly extremely water resistant.. I've been over my ankles in running water in them for up to a minute or so, and my feet stayed perfectly dry..

When the pair I have decide to die on me.. I'll be getting another.. even if I have to pay full MSRP..

great boots!
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