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The part I don't believe is that we don't have large stockpiles of PPE somewhere, especially since it's coming out that we sent 16 tons to China in February, and Canada did as well. I also think they're calling up the IRR not to assist, but basically to isolate them so it doesn't affect military readiness. The same reason most police officers are only responding to life & death situations, a matter of readiness. I think the lethality of it doesn't justify the shutdown of everyday life. I've also been deemed *essential* & what if I've seen is more people out than ever in small groups. Instead of being able to go to the grocery once a week the panic has driven people to go every few days which maximizes exposure to it. Think about how drastically they could drop the spread if they issued everyone an n95 mask with that $1200 check, a reusable one that you could clean. To me this is definitely about pushing everyone into panic mode to see how draconian they can get, & what they can get away with passing just like after 911. Also, which politician is going throw themselves on the sword, & say things can go back to normal? How long does it last?
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