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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
If national leaders, including the medical experts who are guiding our response, don't come out and endorse this report you're getting a vacation.

We've been pretty lenient on much of the hysterical crap thrown up as fact, but posting something with the statement "this changes things" is ridiculous.
Just because a virus can exist in aerosol form (airborne transmission) doesnít mean that it is clinically significant. This paper shows that, under the conditions of a hospital room, there is likely airborne transmission of viral particles.

For practical purposes, it doesnít mean that much to the average citizen. The transmissibility of this virus is already known, and it isnít super contagious. For every case of the Rona, it produces 2-3 new cases. Compare that to measles, which is the most-contagious bug we know of, at 15-20 new cases for each case of measles. Measles is small and hearty, and can stay suspended in air for hours after being sneezed out of an infected person.

This paper may prompt hospitals to place Corona patients in airborne isolation, but I frankly doubt it. I think airborne precautions are appropriate when intubating a patient, proning (flipping) a patient, or suctioning airways. Hospitals are already doing this.

The paper is interesting, but it isnít a game changer. Again, we know how transmissible the disease is, and it isnít on a par with truly ďairborneĒ diseases. The Rona is sparingly airborne, but barely and only under ideal conditions.

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