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Just my .02 cents. I've been into crossfitesque fitness for about 3 years now and have stumbled across a few books that, IMO, are no bullshit, straight to the point functional fitness bibles. They are written by Ross Enamait of Vernon Ct. and I cant stress enough how good they are. If you are looking to become a globo gym boodybuilder with a fake tan and bloated muscles, than don't consider buying it. If you are someone who would like to gain strength,conditionong, speed, etc, than this is the stuff for you. Of course everybody has diffrent bodys and goals, but Ross pretty much gives you no excuse for not being fit. If you want to work at home and have little time and $$, I would reccomend his book "Never Gymless". If you want to do dumbell and Oly lifting and can make it to the gym, then grab "Infinite Intensity". I do not know Ross and this is not a plug. Ross's philosphy and workouts art very similar to the crossfit modalities and are all about functional fitness, not just looking "jacked". He's also got some amazing videos of himself on you tube of working out. This guy is superhuman. Again, my .02 cents.
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