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Couple other suggestions:
Do lunges with one leg up and your foot resting on a chair, bench, or low table. Coaching Point: Be sure to keep your torso upright and not bent over your knee.

Do one legged squats on a chair, bench, or table.

Both exercises take a great deal of balance, and you can do them without weight. When you are strong enough and have good balance you can use dumbbells or a homemade equivalent. In any squatting movement always think, "Knees behind, knees in line". That is, keep your knees behind your toes and keep your knee joint in line with your leg bones when you perform a squatting movement.

Do "Phantom chair", where you sit in a squat position and hold it for time.

If you have enough storage space, and you really want a great movement to work the hips, legs, back, and upper body all at once use a large old truck tire and flip it end over end. You can do it for distance, time, or repetitions as you like.
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