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How'd I miss this? Crossfit will smoke your bags (Or I should say the movements/time hack will...a lot of others do this stuff too: Furey, Enamait, Peterson. Crossfit just came up with a name and a package, but it's free if you dig around the site). Try it. Try Tabata Squats: As many as you can do in 20 sec' 10 sec's, repeat... 8 sets. Start with no weight :) Guy's, we fought and won wars with the old stuff...doesn't mean it was good, just adequate. Hell, they want to go back to a WWII style PT test because nobody does pushups in combat...well, prone under a truck, but that's just one. Unless you REALLY study modern exercise physiology and supplementation, you have no idea how far we've come. More fit, less injuries. Some stuff we did was plain stupid.


WHO lauds lockdown-ignoring Sweden as a ‘model’ for countries going forward.

By Jackie Salo, NY Post

April 29, 2020 | 3:24pm