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Originally Posted by Debaser
I'm sorry bro, and you have my respect, but this is my current career. I'm making the move to the 18X contract but functional anatomy, performance and Neuromuscular therapies are my domain. I know what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter if it's the Military, football, or a nursing home. The human body has the same design.
Dude, you want a cookie for being a college student???????

There's theory and practice. You are running off of theory.

Nothing worse then a know-it-all college student who has yet to prove himself.

I've read your posts here on socnet. They reek of a knowitall, I can do it better attitude.

The military doesn't need you to tell them what is applicable as far as combat fitness.

Sorry bro, I come here to read differing views from military vets about military stuff, not the 2 cents of someone who has yet to complete basic training.
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