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Originally Posted by Debaser
Massage Therapist, soon to be Nationally board-certified
Neuromuscular therapy
Sports Massage
Medical Massage, shoulder girdle, spine, lower extremities, abdominal wall
A.R.T. - Spine protocols
Functional Anatomy

I still believe you're missing my point though. The fact that it's Military PT is irrelevent. The human body is the human body. A lot of you get shin splints, do you ever wonder why? Achy knees? Shoulder pain? It's all related, and for the most part, can be treated or prevented. Ever trip, get caught off balance and take a spill? Often this is due to your joints not stabilizing correctly and your perception in space (which is hampered by cervical kyphosis). And if your joints are bearing load correctly, you'll absorb the shock with a dysfunctional frame, and be far more likely to injure yourself.

Nope, it's you who are missing my point.

So you are a massage therapist, yet to get National Cert, without a degree. I can see how that makes you a SME. So that puts my buddy's wife about 4 steps above you. She's nationally cert'd, has a degree, and her husband was in the Army, so I think that beats out your cousin's sister's friend's dog's owner once knew somebody in the Marines.

You have a condescending, know-it-all attitude, yet you don't have the life experience to back it up. Which from my point of view, makes your opinions not hold a lot of weight with me. Until you've rucked awhile, your opinions on what the military should or should not do are all speculative opinion.

You state that you are a prospective SF candidate as if that alone gives you some sort of credibility. Tell ya what, don't mind me, keep your outlook on life and see how far it gets you in the military.
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