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Is SF training hard?

I get asked this many times by HS and College age students, as well as some in the National Guard contemplating going SF.

My response is, “No, SF selection and training is not hard”.

Is not harder or more challenging than many other MOSs, or many other endeavors in civilian life like being a teacher, firefighter, lawyer, Doctor, police officer, etc.

If it is not hard, then why do most not do, and close to 80% not make it through SFAS/SFQC?

Well first of all taking the challenge, volunteering to do so. Many talk about doing, but they do not do. They spend too much time trying to analyze the training, watching YouTube videos, etc. Just do it! Don’t think too much about it, take the challenge. That is the first step. Volunteer and Tryout! Do not procrastinate.

Next, failure to prepare. When I went through SFAS there were no books, Internet forums or YouTube discussing the course/training. We just knew it was going to suck and there was going to be an obstacle course, a lot of running and rucking. So just get out there and run, ruck 5-6x a week. Go for a swim every week, then ruck some more. Get the feet hard. Weights? No one cares how much you can bench press. Do many sets of pushups, chin ups, dips, flutter kicks, sit ups - 3x a week.

Now here are the three big reasons people fail once in the course:

1. They come up with excuses to quit. They start letting doubt into the head. They talk themselves into quitting and try to justify it. “Well, mAYbe if I am in SF it will be too much time away from my family”. You cannot let any doubt in. Failure is not an option. You cannot quit.

2. Failure to follow instructions, do as told. If you are told to be somewhere at a certain time with a certain amount of equipment or clothing, then do it! It is pretty simple. If you do as told, study what are told to study, show up on time for formation and classes, you will succeed.

3. Alcohol, partying, women. This gets many in the Q Course. Get involved in any of those three the wrong way or in excess. Instead of studying for an exam, you are out partying, drinking or chasing snatch or involved in drama with a crazy chick, you will not pass. Focus on what your job is. Study. Again, follow instructions.

Training is pretty straight forward. Is a step by step process. Take each event, each day, each study module, each field exercise just as one event. It will eventually end. Don’t stress, many others have graduated, so you can as well. If I could do it, anyone can as most are more superior to me genetically physically and mentally. I just refused to quit, followed instructions, focused on the task at hand, and took it one day at a time.
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