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What does make it hard?

- The sustained suck: Some people think of it as hard like a gym workout. You get a good night sleep, you warm up, you work out to muscle failure when you are ready, go to class, you go home, eat right, and sleep again. It's anything but this. It's a full day of back to back different muscle failure and brain failure things every day for weeks. running a 6 minute mile is easy when rested....when do you run when you are exhausted and have been for days? I used to climb up and down ropes without using legs like a monkey. By the end of the course, I was struggling on my third rope...never happened to me before.

- The physical prowess and experience level of the instructors and peers: I thought that I could run like the wind, easily blew past the max scores on my PT tests, and could wi like a dolphin....and I was middle of the pack. I learned to walk all day with rucks that I could barely pick up. I had to learn the basics of raids and ambushes with peers that were experts in these things. "What does 'lift fire' mean, HDLS?" "Umm...firing over the enemies' heads?"

- Balancing the undisciplined with the underlying discipline: For the most part, zi served with some of the most undisciplined soldiers in the Army. This was really apparent when I trained with Marines. BDU cap tipped back, sleeves half rolled up, hands in pockets, longer hair and moustaches....the works. But there is an underlying discipline among these men - usually from the years of experience that they had that I didn't. I was a 22 years old kid. Learning that balance was an ongoing process.

- The distractions: As others have mentioned but still needs to be reinfornced. In retrospect, I don't know how I passed. we'd be out late when we were back from the field - strip clubs, booze, bars, lonely dependents, trailer park drama, barracks bunnies, it's all there for the taking...especially when one is the best shape of their life. All of it can end a prospective career.

- Your reputation: It's everything and starts on Day 1 of training. Don't be a fool. If I knew then what I know now (especially from this site), my career could have been far different.

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