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Originally Posted by redneck View Post
I'm guessing that you have a squeaky clean background. The background checks for really good federal jobs will end up finding stuff about you that you didn't even know.
Yea, my background is very, very clean.

Originally Posted by Whitebean54 View Post
What are you looking to do longterm?
Fed 1811? Be careful who you tell that to. Some agencies will not fool with training you if you plan on rolling out.
Long-term, yes, Fed LE. I know a guy who works for US Customs(ICE now, IIRC) and has been there for 20+ years, and he is the one who originally turned me onto fed LE.

With regards to learning the pros/cons of my local LEAs, I'm actually just starting an internship with my local sheriff's office, of Hurricane Irma fame.

My local PD is the one that was involved in the sex scandal.

So, yea...
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