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Originally Posted by KimberChick View Post
We have not got the feral cat problem here, thank heavens! We have three of our own fat vole catchers hanging around the back porch that keep everythig else at bay (they waterboarded a possum in the pool once) except the damn deer. Our stupid ass beagle mix plays with the damn things, so the deer are like family out here. I need to fence the bastards in and start raising them for meat.
There is not much better meat to be had than some farm country venison. I wish we had pet deer around here, they are mostly nocturnal. I can't begin to describe the amount of hunters in this area, the deer study evasion tactics in deer kindergarten around here.
I should not be so hard on the felines, but it is out of control and my last winter working the farm I had to put down every single one of em as they were all sick,,,,,,it was more than two dozen.....
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