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Any tough, cheap watch will do. I'm currently wearing my POS casio G-shock. Nice watches are for dressing up, garrison life to show people how high speed you are, to impress the girlies at the bar, and to "Keep up with the joneses." Now you'll hear all about how an analog watch can be used for navigation, how "This" watch is a superior timepiece, how "That" watch has been used on K2, etc. I don't know about anyone else but I use a friggin compass for navigation and a watch to tell time and have always been able to tell which direction is north. That said, I've always wanted a Rolex Submariner but could never bring myself to spending the $$$. I'd rather have a whole bunch of really nice gear than on single watch. Therefore, a $15.00 to $45.00 cheapie will serve you just fine and you don't care if it gets ripped off your wrist and run over by a Duce and a Half during training, left on some one night stands bedroom floor, or stolen by some POS Barracks Thief.
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