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I'll dig out my watch and let ya know. Like I said, They werent "issued" but being a QM guy, you do get some "fringe benefits"

Your unit can order them also if it has a NSN, isnt on the Control Degree Listing, and find a helpful Supply SGT to order it, and it gets past the Commanders Exception Report you can get one. (Thats for "normal" units, not Spec Ops or other units with huge Class 2 budgets)

However, we do have some (5-10 ea)for a company of 180 plus soldiers (yep 180, no kidding) on the property books, however, they stay locked up in a wall locker in supply, only to see the light of day for 10%'s and Change Of Commmand Inventories. Since it is a Property Book item, you loose it, a Report Of Survey gets done. It is easier to keep them locked up them issue them out and do the ROS when Joe looses his.

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