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Originally Posted by VMI_Marine View Post
So I'm not the only one who liked the QPs. Every other Marine I've talked to hated them. I've heard good things about Silynx Quietops (might be called C2ops or some such now). Personally, I controlled a section of Cobras using QPs while wearing a gas mask, and the pilots could not tell the difference. Also used them while on a SURC going about 20 knots on Lake Qadussiya, absolutely zero wind noise. However, they are a PITA to don. There is a dual comm version that will connect to two MBITRs, 117s, 152s, etc.

I personally liked the QPs but didn't wear them long-term like VMI did. From what I saw, comfort level had a lot to do with being properly fitted for the ear pieces (5-6 sizes as I recall); improperly fitted ear pieces either gave you inner ear pain if too big or didn't work correctly if too small. Several other companies make QP-like headsets. IIRC, QP has three types; a single model that connects to a 153, a dual model that connects to a 153 and a second radio with a 5-pin connector, and a TACP model that connects to 2 radios with 5-pin connectors.
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