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It's been a long time since I have contributed, do I need to write another introduction post?

Originally Posted by Believeraz View Post
It's a definite problem in the workforce writ large, and we are impacted a lot more than many sectors. Interaction via digital device over face-to-face, everyone-gets-a-trophy, and a lack of focus on solving your own problems in today's youth are causing havoc via unintended consequences in the labor force. There are seminars and training events focused on training and supervising millenials in law enforcement, because how it's "always been" isn't working.
This hits close to home. I was a city cop in a busy urban area for a few years and in the last year I was hired by a somewhat rural sheriff's office. The old time long term residents here know their neighbors and communicate with them on a regular basis. The people new to the area, mostly in subdivisions, have no clue who they share an acre with. We consistently get neighborhood dispute calls (mostly noise complaints, or neighborhood kids playing in their driveways). When we talk to the complainant and ask if they have spoken with their noisy neighbor about their issue, they look at us with confusion and say "no, I just immediately called 911." It was the same as a city cop. Fewer people know how to simply communicate with the people they share oxygen with. If it cannot be complained about on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, they are lost.

RIP Ms. Damond.

For Noor, I can't imagine him avoiding charges. At worst homicide, at best, involuntary manslaughter. We are trained that we are responsible for every round we send downrange, whether it be an ND or during a shootout. I think about some of the firefights I was involved in during my OIF tours and cringe thinking about what if I had been held to the same liability standards.

I guess I am rambling. I am all for cops being held to a standard. We are fallible humans trying to support a society of fallible humans that has accepted a set of laws. Sometimes we have to enforce laws we don't necessarily agree with. There's some of us who wear the badge who should find another career. In fact there's probably quite a few.

Be safe guys.
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