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Mr. Yoda
Take a look at this, if you have any questions drop me an pm.

Gout has a diagnostic code of 5017. This is the breakdown of the VA Compensation chart for the rating of gout:

The diseases under diagnostic codes 5013 through 5024 will be rated on limitation of motion of affected parts, as arthritis, degenerative, except gout which will be rated under diagnostic code 5002.

5002Arthritis rheumatoid (atrophic) As an active process:
With constitutional manifestations associated with active joint involvement, totally incapacitating 100

Less than criteria for 100% but with weight loss and anemia productive of severe impairment of health or severely incapacitating exacerbations occurring 4 or more times a year or a lesser number over prolonged periods
Symptom combinations productive of definite impairment of health objectively supported by examination findings or incapacitating exacerbations occurring 3 or more times a year
One or two exacerbations a year in a well-established diagnosis
For chronic residuals:
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