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If you are thinking of investing in a suit, I highly reccomend checking out this site

The owner, Antonio Centeno, is a former Marine Major. For less than a grand I got a bespoke suit and three shirts made to my sizes. I straight up told him I needed a big boy suit and that i new nothing about dressing nice and that I was going to treat it like a uniform, and was able to otherwise speak with him frankly.

The difference like Kid A says between an off the rack and something made for you is night and day, and I am not talking in how you feel about it but the way people respond to it (the quality of the suit). I had no idea the difference, but it is there, night and day.

Edit: He can also do custom tailoring if you have a concealed requirement. Just tell him what you are trying to do and let him give you options. He or his staff will walk you through color selection, style, all of it
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